well that's horrible... &/or ...a LOTTttttttt horrific!"

looks like I ended on a downswing too, blehh....   at least (as I heard someone mention on DonkDown last night) if they were also USAers who won that cashola they're just as unable to get to it as I am the rest of my account, etc.

A couple blogs back, or posts, I don't recall exactly... I mentioned I play smaller online than I do in real life.  This was basically why.  I'm only out approx.  1K or 2 on the deal frozen between sites...  Fvck though, it was how I spent a BUNCH of my time out here in the woods.  Probably around 20 to 30 hours a week, sometimes more...especially in the long winter months.

So I've got freetime galore now, gonna use it to clean up the house and poker-den... but that'll probably only take a weekend.  Maybe write a book or something after that, eh?

Now the WSOP 2011 suddenly seems all the more exciting, and potentially juicy.  Gonna pad the BR as best possible the next month & 1/2, and try to make some moves this year.  Amongst the 1000s of others probably thinking similar things...  ]:)

Beyond that, really gotta consider WTF I'm doing with my life?!  Already have a college degree, but it has yet to really open any big doors so far...

Only thing that's really been keeping me inspired the last few years has been poker.  How best to keep that passion alive in this weird era of the game?

Hmmm... viva Las Vegas?? California ca$h games? biggest little city of R3N0, Nv?  I'm unsure about me and the E.coast = Foxwoods, M.Sun, et al.  & Then there's always O'canada, S.America, and/or Euroville to consider as well...?!!

At any rate, I'll definitely keep y'all updated as this all takes shape and all that jazz.... and as long as Coinflip continues to be up and running, etc.etc.


~Best wishes & G'luck 2 us aLL~