Silvertip & The Motherlode

Road gamblers. They're legendary. And clearly, they're also some of the best players to have ever sat at the tables. A little bit crazy...maybe; and yet at times also inspirational, to say the least.

What the heck does that have to do with me?

Well...I've decided to embark on a little experiment in 2011, and I'm hoping it helps me hone my skills, as well as ultimately pad my bankroll too.

Mind you, I <3 me some interwebz-poker. I would hardly be the player I am today without the hours spent grinding away at the computer. The math, betting patterns, and all that blah blah that we know so well and regularly gobble up... All that has become so much more clear after sitting through the countless SNGs, MTTs, and multi-tabling a ring game or two too. So I gotta give credit where it's due, first and foremost.

None-the-less though, let me also explain, I currently am spending 90% of my time in basically the middle of nowhere Montana (population approx: 1,000). Born and raised up here in the mountains, so I am kinda bias & partial... but I'm also realizing this might probably be a place better suited to retire in, or have a secondary home at, etc.

And well, as of now...I'm still fairly young, relatively dumb, and at least still half-full of... good intentions. ]:)

With that in mind, one of my big goals for 2011 is to branch out a little bit more, and go beyond just being a CPU-poker rounder who takes a couple stabs per year at the live tourney scene. However though, before running off and signing any upcoming property agreements in the great state of Nevada, I've got this idea in mind to stretch my legs traveling around the western half of MT; earning some poker credentials along the way and further establishing my "gaming ethos" as well.

About 60 miles from here (37.5km) there's the state capital, Helena, where they have a couple of card rooms to choose from.  90 miles (56km) the other direction there's the city of Missoula, a great little university town (where I got my B.A.), that also has a couple of public places to play cards. After making a half-dozen or so phone calls, I've narrowed it down to two in each of these towns to become familiar with...and perhaps eventually a "regular" at.  

The title of this blog reflects the names of the gaming facilities that I am intending to most closely focus in on. One for each city. Both of which offer games that should cover the trek expenses and offer a pretty scrumptious profit on good nights. The Silvertip is located in university-ville, it's open nightly and offers all the flop games $2 to $20 spread-limit ("dealer/button's choice"), except on Fridays when it is Hold'em or PLO only. Pretty good reputation, and is where most of the local grinders go to play and earn. 

The other place is The Motherlode, over at capital-town. Potentially a little more seedy, but still offering a nightly game of $1/$2 Capped Hold'em (state maximum money in the middle = $300).
It's a little bit closer to home sweet home, but requires a trip across a mountain pass...which can be kinda hit'n'miss in the winter months, yet in the other seasons could also yield the deliciousness of some softer skill levels to prey upon.

Of course I recognize this is such a much smaller scale than driving across Texas and Oklahoma et al for $x00,000's of dollars. Heck though, I'm still romantic toward the idea of late nights driving across the western half of Montana, having freshly flipped over cards with real-deal sh!tkickers and such... hopefully with a bunch of their money stuffed in my pockets. ]:)

At any rate, I think it'll definitely help my live game out tremendously to be playing more out & about in the field...and out from behind the computer.

If it turns out to be a total FAIL, well then, I suppose we just go back to the grinding in pajamas, etc. Hahaa (& still taking those couple of stabs at the live tourneys each year.)

Either way, I also figure it'll give me something extra to blog about for the next calendar or so...
until it all runs into the ground, or I figure out a way to get that condo in Nevada to use as another headquarters to launch operations from!" ~Huzzah~

P.s. Would Lmao for literally ages upon ages, if this proves to be what puts me over the top and into the winner's circle at next year's WSOP. hahahohoandheehee ]:)

P.p.s. More 2011 ideas and a 2010 review, also being generated. Thanks for reading and sharing in the adventure.

~Peace & Luck~