Tavern Poker: Round 1, round-up…. yipes.

So the winter has been doing its wintery thing. Travel out of the valley here is typically kept for the nice weather days to go into town and get supplies, visit doctors, maybe hang out with a few friends, and that sorta thing. & With that in mind, it seems I'm left still kinda waiting a bit to hit the “mountain poker trail” that I blogged about last go 'round.

In the meantime, a game I seemed to have left out of that little circuit scheduling was the one that's held locally here on Friday and Saturday in the small town I call home. The primary reason for this leaving it off the main menu is 'cause the game is held in one of the community taverns; and the primary function of the place usually is clearly more geared to drinking and such, compared to counting pot odds and considering table image, etc. etc.

So.. ya it's a game, but it plays pretty crazy and so I really only tend to go there when I’m especially bored….or really really wanna play some live cards and am in the valley that weekend. & Well…this just so happened to be one of those times. I’ll post some of the highlights thereof in bullet-points, as follows:

**Structure: Fixed Limit $3/$6, $1 Blind = Person in front of button.
**Total Buy In: $185 **Total Left Over: $60 **Outcome: -$125
(Some of which went toward some drinks of my own…as they treat their poker coins like cash.)

**Pinnacle Hand, of the weekend: (sadly, a loss) AAA vs. AAA77 (7 on the turn)…luckily though was able to check call the river for minimum damage. Radar went off to slow down; was more expecting to see 777AA or something along those lines…nonetheless = Instincts were right to chill out, and I‘m glad to have followed ‘em. Enough $$$ was in the middle to make the call….plus the table dynamics were very mixed and so seemed worthwhile in this regard as well. (ie. Info gained for future references)

**Happy little ol’ man ended up with Quads twice that I saw over the two nights, and the dealer said someone else had them once more earlier in the evening as well. kinda crazy, eh? But what also made it memorable (and much more enjoyable), other than the fact that Quads were coming up, was how happy this old guy got!” Basically jumping up and down out of his chair with a big ol’ grin on a his face from ear to ear. Hahaa …such honesty before showdown is certainly appreciated, at least by me!”

**Some visitors from one of our neighboring states, North Dakota, were in town to go sight-seeing on snowmobiles for the week. Gosh bless ‘em….for helping our small town economy, and contributing to the poker game!” They were clearly there to have a good time, and got the game out of the mud just about right from the get go. (I’d have taken some of their $$ away from them too, if it weren’t for the big hand against the drunk guy I ended up handing a good portion of it over to. Bleh)

**Drunk guy….oh drunk guy…..needs the dealer to explain almost every single time how the betting structure works…..needs the dealer to regularly remind him when it’s his turn to play…..needs the dealer to double check all the hands he plays “just for him to be sure“….and so on and so forth. Probably gonna be a lifetime contributor to my bankroll, if/when opportunity allows…But this past weekend, all his “Crazy two pairs” seemed to hold up, or show up on the River, etc. Luckily, I was in pretty good Tilt-management mode as is….otherwise I could’ve probably gone bonkers on more than a couple occasions. Lolz

**Other than that I played ok, just seemed unable to get any real traction going. (My AK missed almost every time, I made an incorrect fold with broadway to a fourth diamond on the river, etc. etc.) But what the heck, I did limit some other “would-be losses” in a couple different spots…and so I suppose that is something I can smile about.

All in all, I suppose perhaps it was a pretty typical small-town tavern poker game. At least compared to the other ones I’ve been there for at that location. Drinks flowing, Jukebox cranked up, people dancing…and/or falling down, lots of shouting + laughter, and all that kind of jazz that usually seems to go along with.

Every once in a while though, it just seems worth the while. & Occasionally a person can even add a little padding to their bankroll….just be on the watch for some pretty ugly suck outs, and such, around there. Meh… Anyways, all tends to be well that ends well. 

& On that note I suppose, and to close this up then, I’ll say that I’m still excited to see about expanding my poker horizons a bit more around here. Hopefully maybe even find a place a shade more dedicated to playing cards…as compared to all out honky tonking, etc. Hahaa

At any rate, and in the meantime, that’s the Montana Poker Update for the moment. Hopefully at least a few more will follow…And even a couple that include biggg scores!” Huzzah -->

P.s. Otherwise you can most likely find me at P-stars, or Power P0KER… unless of course there’s a WSOP Event, etc. that happens to be calling me name!” ]:)