I started my poker session by winning a satellite to the Sunday Million. But since I don't have the patience to sit and play in a tournament with 8000 players, I decided to use my ticket to play other tournaments instead. Turned out to be a very wise choice for my bankroll. I played a bunch of $30 SnG and ended up winning one and place in three of them. So over-all I did pretty good. So I ended the day more than $200+ which is pretty good. First I wanted to play the Nightly Forty Grand @ 3 am but since I have to go to Jönköping tomorrow morning I decided that it was best to just play something smaller and something that doesn't start in the middle of the night. Maybe I should concentrate on playing SnG instead, since that's where all the money is for me. Players are just super bad and they push with any pair they get. I was surprized when I played that short-handed $30 SnG, thought it was a micro-SnG I was playing because of the level that the players had. Anyways, I'm happy, and I hope you all are too. Good luck at the tables ya'll!