Just finished cutting a movie that I made with my little sister and a mutual friend of ours. It's from 2009 and we went to this community college in the middle of fucking no where. It was just a regular day, I think it was a Wednesday, in September. We decided to drink some wine and just small talk, but our thoughts of getting drunk was not something we were alone with, because it turns out that the whole campus wanted to join in on the fun. And this is the fun part, at least for me, because seeing how many different characters there was on this school, alcohol just made them more charactery (is that a word). Anyway, their personalities blossom when the fine liquids of alcohol was poured down their throats and in to their blood stream. I wish I had more footage to go with, but to be frank, I got so messed up that night that I forgot all about my camera. I wish I could upload the video here later, but its all in Swedish so you guys wouldn't understand one bit of it.

I haven't played that much today. I played last night, but I was too tired to play so I just donked it all off and went straight to bed. I'm going to finish cutting the movie and then I'll play some PLO and NLHE on stars. I think I know why I lost so much the other day and the reason is that I played far too many tables. I can controll 6 tables flawlessly, but playing 9-12 tables is just way too much. Besides, my screen is not designed for that many tables so it gets too packed and small. I'd love to record one of my sessions so maybe you guys can see how I play - maybe even put a few thoughts in to my play. So if you have any good apps that records on-screen action, please let me know. However, do not mention camtasia, because that app is way too sucky for me. Besides, my computer fucks up compleatly while running that program. Maybe I just have a fucked up version of it or something.

Anyway, I hope you're having a great day on and off the tables, and I'll see ya when I see ya :) Take care!