I love when eastern Europeans wanna start mezuring cocks at the table and challenge me to a heads up match. Usually that's what I usually do, challenging donk players to a HU-match that is. Here's the chat:

nucalcaiarba: omphaltous
nucalcaiarba: wanna play a heads up?
nucalcaiarba: so i can prove that i can kick your *** anytime?
omphalotus: lol
nucalcaiarba: cuz im tired of morons like you
omphalotus: 6 tbls?
nucalcaiarba: thinking they actually know any poker
nucalcaiarba: as many as you wany
nucalcaiarba: want
nucalcaiarba: what stakes?
omphalotus: nl50
nucalcaiarba: oops
nucalcaiarba: dont have the bankroll for that
omphalotus: then what stakes?
omphalotus: i'll play whatever you want
nucalcaiarba: alright
nucalcaiarba: youre to ****y
nucalcaiarba: which means you actually may be a good player
nucalcaiarba: but a sour loser
nucalcaiarba: and i dont wanna give away
omphalotus: no HU?
nucalcaiarba: all my profit for today
nucalcaiarba: what HU?
omphalotus: are we going to play heads up or what?
omphalotus: or are you scared?
nucalcaiarba: nope
nucalcaiarba: you scared me
omphalotus: k
nucalcaiarba: so
nucalcaiarba: youre telling me
nucalcaiarba: youre playing nl 50?
nucalcaiarba: and youre still a silver star?
omphalotus: when it comes to heads up..yeah
nucalcaiarba: that doesnt make much sense
omphalotus: im a new player on this site