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it might not of been breath taking, but I didnt intend it to be erased with the spam?

Equinox update = erased with the spam?  
Just thought I'd double check.

and check again to see if it'z worth another blog around here or whatever. 

G'luck all & g'luck coinflip~

Autumn Equinox Update

Highlights & Bullet Points, again:

2 Events played at the WSOP this summer.  1 (HORSE) = out shortly after Lvl 4. Other (PLO8) = Made it to day 2, and just short of the $... but learned a lot again, and am still inspired to do this thing up right! huzzah

Since then, been playing subscription poker online at GoldRushPoker.  Fairly small prize pools, but grinding 'em has added up to a little bit of extra cash. Thankfully!

Have drove around Western MT searching for a tavern and poker game to call home; however, seems I'm much more a tourney player and have little patience for playing in a honky tonk bar type setting.  So I'll either have to relocate for more regular live play, or continue to plug away at the subscription site... at least until other online poker places open back up in the USA.

At the moment then, as a side project, I'm working on developing a web-radio station with some folks around here. So I'm likely to stay put, at least until that's better put together, etc.

All in all it was a very good summer, and I'm looking forward to hopefully a fantastic Fall Season as well.

& I hope you all also keep your balancing acts up & have good luck all the while~


 ~Merry Equinox!


Another run at it, wsop 2011~

Since really short blogs seem all the rage these days.
Just thought I'd post to let the world know I'm taking another shot at the WSOP2011.
This time around = Event #51 PLO8.
It would be really nice if it all mixed together sweetly, and turn out mighty fine = ending as the cherry on top, etc. ]:)

Updates to follow accordingly.

Best of luck 2 all of us, and especially me for the next few days!"  huzzah

update & mini forecast

wrote a blog & then hit submit... = blehh for results.

so in short & basically as a place holder:


Took a break from playing cards since the poker panic set in stateside this past April.

Now = Amped up and ready to go again --> WSOP 2011...  ready that is with a single buy in & a small belief that miracles are possible.

Event #17 HORSE is the pony I'm looking to ride into the winner's circle. Huzzah. ]:)


Pictures of fun times, if/as possible, to follow.

As always = Good luck to us all~


1st R3spons3 - U$A play


well that's horrible... &/or ...a LOTTttttttt horrific!"

looks like I ended on a downswing too, blehh....   at least (as I heard someone mention on DonkDown last night) if they were also USAers who won that cashola they're just as unable to get to it as I am the rest of my account, etc.

A couple blogs back, or posts, I don't recall exactly... I mentioned I play smaller online than I do in real life.  This was basically why.  I'm only out approx.  1K or 2 on the deal frozen between sites...  Fvck though, it was how I spent a BUNCH of my time out here in the woods.  Probably around 20 to 30 hours a week, sometimes more...especially in the long winter months.

So I've got freetime galore now, gonna use it to clean up the house and poker-den... but that'll probably only take a weekend.  Maybe write a book or something after that, eh?

Now the WSOP 2011 suddenly seems all the more exciting, and potentially juicy.  Gonna pad the BR as best possible the next month & 1/2, and try to make some moves this year.  Amongst the 1000s of others probably thinking similar things...  ]:)

Beyond that, really gotta consider WTF I'm doing with my life?!  Already have a college degree, but it has yet to really open any big doors so far...

Only thing that's really been keeping me inspired the last few years has been poker.  How best to keep that passion alive in this weird era of the game?

Before Feb is over.. (at least here in this Time-zone, etc.)

hahaa ...Here's the blog I meant to follow up with in January. And then I was gonna write it in early Feb...So I kinda suppose this is right on time as far as poker player scheduling goes, eh?

Some of the reason for the delay is that this type of blog can be one of the tougher to write... being that I would like to use it to establish a bit of an outline for goals and milestones with regard to my 2011 poker.

With that said, a couple are probably fairly obvious.
For example = Bracelets, bracelets, & championships.

To be a little more specific though for this year,
I'm aiming for the top of the pile in event WSOP#15; the small-ball PLHE. ...which remains my ultimate focus at this point, but if I happen to hit a speed bump in that go 'round...there is a HORSE event shortly there after and depending on mind-set, etc. ...I'm certainly open for riding that pony through the golden sunlight too!" ]:)

After that I kinda plan on just being as open-minded as possible, and entertaining whatever the best opportunities happen to be. Which, of course, might include simply returning home and gearing up again for next year...Plus or minus another WSOP-C run or two.  In the meantime, however, and until the opera lady sings the curtain call, I'm going to remain as focused as possible on making good decisions and getting the best results cosmically allowed....or even better (if/as made Divinely available), etc.

As for over the course of the year, I'm also looking to make money both online and in casino/tavern play.
Hopefully enough to be satisfied AND a little extra to be able to contribute to charity.

Tavern Poker: Round 1, round up.... Yipes.

Tavern Poker: Round 1, round-up…. yipes.

So the winter has been doing its wintery thing. Travel out of the valley here is typically kept for the nice weather days to go into town and get supplies, visit doctors, maybe hang out with a few friends, and that sorta thing. & With that in mind, it seems I'm left still kinda waiting a bit to hit the “mountain poker trail” that I blogged about last go 'round.

In the meantime, a game I seemed to have left out of that little circuit scheduling was the one that's held locally here on Friday and Saturday in the small town I call home. The primary reason for this leaving it off the main menu is 'cause the game is held in one of the community taverns; and the primary function of the place usually is clearly more geared to drinking and such, compared to counting pot odds and considering table image, etc. etc.

So.. ya it's a game, but it plays pretty crazy and so I really only tend to go there when I’m especially bored….or really really wanna play some live cards and am in the valley that weekend. & Well…this just so happened to be one of those times. I’ll post some of the highlights thereof in bullet-points, as follows:

**Structure: Fixed Limit $3/$6, $1 Blind = Person in front of button.
**Total Buy In: $185 **Total Left Over: $60 **Outcome: -$125
(Some of which went toward some drinks of my own…as they treat their poker coins like cash.)

Silvertip&The Motherlode: Road Gambling 2011

Photo Tour: Harveys & Lake Tahoe

A very nice place indeed!"  ]:)

  hmmm...seem to be having some difficulties figuring out how to post the videos though. At least this is a nice start...and you can kinda visualize what kinda remarkable place it is, etc.

Lake Tahoe, Wsop-C Tourney Poker, and a couple other things

Lake Tahoe

is one the most beautiful places i've been able to travel to, and that includes some other pretty darn cool places I've also been lucky enough to go.

I will post pics sometime 2morrw when i wake up. i'm just getting home now and it's a little late to try and figure out the viddy-cam for the first time as far as computer interfacing goes, etc. but pictures and videos there are, and i'll attach them here (or a thread if i'm unable to figure out getting them into a blog format) a.s.a.p.

in the meantime, I suppose the best I can do is have you imagine a bigggg lake (i think approx 110km around) surrounded by some nice mountain peaks.

The weather was also very friendly, which prolonged my autumn a few days...being that i've apparently returned to the first real snow of the season up here and now must make new pals with the winter.

 I highly recommend the place, at any season though really....considering there's some nice skiing opportunities there too. plus the boating and hiking trails + tram lines to check out during the other times of year.

And for those of you who like to gamble, there's a few options for you to check out offering most all of the table games I know of, sports book action & accommodations, and poker rooms that'll run as long as any game wants to keep going. (I saw game options ranging from 1/2 hold'em to up to 25/50 in the public room, as well as Om8, PLO, + 7Stud. Over at HARVEYs, the place I stayed, played, and will write about next.)


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