828 runners total


my Last hand:

Tropical Jerry

"all - in, after some building up of ye ol' coins in the middle'



M.Binger {UB.com}


The only King left in the deck (someone fold'd one before 4th St.) show'd up on 7th to put an end to this tourney for me.


Once again was good to double up until the dastardly 1 outer of doom...!"

{although technically last year the guy had 2 outs, when he hit the Ace on the flop}


So far though, I'm taking this beat a lot better than last year,

maybe cause we still had to get to top 80 to get paid....as opposed to last year @ ~10 places finish'd from the $$?

...or maybe after another year's worth of poker playin' a person's skin just gets a little thicker?!


At any rate, I feel i play'd well all day....and basically had my money in good, etc. etc.


& just to be clear, yup yup yup, I have already begun getting ready for next year!"