Lake Tahoe

is one the most beautiful places i've been able to travel to, and that includes some other pretty darn cool places I've also been lucky enough to go.

I will post pics sometime 2morrw when i wake up. i'm just getting home now and it's a little late to try and figure out the viddy-cam for the first time as far as computer interfacing goes, etc. but pictures and videos there are, and i'll attach them here (or a thread if i'm unable to figure out getting them into a blog format) a.s.a.p.

in the meantime, I suppose the best I can do is have you imagine a bigggg lake (i think approx 110km around) surrounded by some nice mountain peaks.

The weather was also very friendly, which prolonged my autumn a few days...being that i've apparently returned to the first real snow of the season up here and now must make new pals with the winter.

 I highly recommend the place, at any season though really....considering there's some nice skiing opportunities there too. plus the boating and hiking trails + tram lines to check out during the other times of year.

And for those of you who like to gamble, there's a few options for you to check out offering most all of the table games I know of, sports book action & accommodations, and poker rooms that'll run as long as any game wants to keep going. (I saw game options ranging from 1/2 hold'em to up to 25/50 in the public room, as well as Om8, PLO, + 7Stud. Over at HARVEYs, the place I stayed, played, and will write about next.)


I was very happy with my time at Harvey's, albeit a quick trip it was quite right by me over all. and i gotta express some gratitude for that. perhaps especially for the pai gow poker helping me make a chunk of coins back toward paying for the trip, eh? & to begin with, the rates for a fairly snazzy single room on the Wsop-c package was 39US; which is a-okay for a mild to middle-stakes guy like me (at this point in my life it seems. hahaa)

& that I suppose kinda brings up to the next subject...


Ok so i'm gonna start by saying that i made my 1st ever cash at a Wsop orientated event. right after that though....i should probably also mention it was 'cause i was able to sell a $50 satellite voucher i recieved for finishing in the top 27 equaling a whopping sum total of $20 real dollars to one of the other remaining players who started rapidly collecting them off people.

Yup, that's how i'm spinning this. my first ever Wsop-ish cashing at $20.
but hey...a players has got to stay positive right?!  lol

The real money positions started 9 left, out of an original 82 runners.
9th paying something like $750, and 1st at approx $7,100 plus the golden ring to go with. Congrats to winner, Devin Jackson!" and everyone else who also qualifies.

I finished a smack dab 18th, pretty much right in the middle of between the satellite vouchers and money. pretty much summing up my Wsop run so far; but luckily only so far, and i'm dumb/perserverant enough to keep at this thing for a lifetime....(so I'll keep ya updated.) ];)

The last hand i played was something like Ad4d 8c10s for half a small blind in the Omaha 8 section of the H.O.R.S.E. rotation...and failed to get low and obv. missed the high.

The hand that pretty much ruined The run, was two hands before that in an epic crash'n'burn scenario = A2KK vs AA56 HU on the turn....and.....counterfeit'd 2 on none other than the river. Thus crunching my low, and KK never found help against AA. Pretty much what i think some might call a "computer set up hand"... & at the stage of the game where the limits are high enough in tourney coins that you're pretty much gonna go gonzo and get one of those yummy healthy stacks to try and finish strong & win with.....or well......y'er gonna have to have a miracle, &/or say y'er farewells.

Luckily I've got at least a little experience under the belt, and at the time took it well enough to be cordial with everyone, etc.

& yet I suppose that also kinda leads into the couple other things I wanted to also mention here.

102% responsible

Delayed reaction, but i was pretty darn depressed the next day. in the middle of essentially paradise, and basically unable to leave the hotel room until sometime in the evening. bleh  

A little bit maybe was also to do with a tricky/semi-sad conversation with someone i recently had. but quite frankly, i think a lot of it was misguided frustrations along with once again getting so close to cracking the code at one of these things....and then watching the cards stampede all over the hopes'n'dreams. double bleh

Graceful Acceptance & 102% responsible

Finally after basically starving myself out of hiding, and then coming back to throw up (silly stomach and your silly still deciding WTF you can seem to handle! rest easy, or avoid worrying that this was some sorta bulimic response) And then sometime later after nursing myself back, plus a warm shower, and some other food that went down okay... I thankfully rebounded.  

I really hope this means I'm getting better at recouping from poker events.
It took almost half a year or more for me to get over my first bubbl-ish-ing
& Bigger scheme...I'd probably be ultimately satisfied if i could keep it reduced down to half the following day.
(some amount of healthy grieving should be allowed though, whatever is right for you.)

At any rate, and to try and bring in the happier ending.
After coming to terms with having future opportunities to look forward to, and realizing as it's been said, "being that I currently am without the prize, and was also the same beforehand.....I guess things are okay, only the grief i decide to add is gonna make it worse."

I'm 102% responsible for my responses and reactions to life. (as hard as it can be sometimes to remember.) I can shape my attitude to fit any situation, even if I'm unable to exactly shape the situation. Tricky stuff...but something to definitely try and keep in mind. & sometimes that's where graceful acceptance also enters the picture.

The graceful acceptance to basically allow for all things, so long as they avoid the infliction of unwanted continued pain and suffering. Even things we may have yet to learn appreciation for, including other folks belief systems and crazy events that might seem to strike us down.

All is well that ends well, and Happy Horizons

So after getting my act back in gear, I made back some expenses playing pai gow poker. (always nice to run hot!) Also got some good sleep, and then happily spent this morning walking along a little section of the Lake Tahoe Beach. Where I also happened to meet a doctor (who final tabled the H.O.R.S.E. event; which is why i said hi to the guy in the 1st place) that as it turns out also happened to be quasi-retired from the diet and nutrition field of medicine. How's that for small world and cosmic?!

I know the Lake Tahoe walk was a healing experience of sorts. & I'm hopeful that the Doc can relay me some information that might also help with my whole crazy guts thingy. Double Thankfulness.

& Bonus Thankfulness: The travel home today was largely stellar, and one my good ol' friends from the university days also happened to be on my return connection flight.  Always nice to visit with good peoples for sure.

Just like it's always nice to visit with y'all.  

& I suppose on that happy note, and realizing this is once again getting pretty it's getting late...

~Peace & Luck forever~

p.s. I think I'm gonna get a frame for the $20 and put it on the wall in the room where I play cyber-poker. hahahohoandheehee

(and yes, I'm gonna try and spend more than twenty on the frame as well)



pps. I'm already figuring out the journey to & through the 2011 WSOP & beyond!"


 GeekMr. GreenTwisted Evil