Wadap guys and girls.Its like three weeks from last update here.Vegas trip was supercool and i finished like even from cashgames there but won from internet so i made some plus there.I have played almost nothing after Vegas because I have had pussy- and drinking season.I have had only 3 sober days after Vegas but its ok cause everybody knows that EVERYDAY WITHOUT BEING WASTED IS WASTED.I think I have played like 2 hours totally after Vegas online and 2 hours Chinese...Everybody can guess am i winning.....:(  Today is sundayparty here and of course 100m FINAL in 1h Bolt vs. Gay.........And I think I start training after today so drinkingseason is finished tomorrow...The other season is not finished.So I think I ll start to play poker in 3 days or some and I will put FCKING SICK grindmode to my head.

GL everybody.