Funny news from the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut: in the $400 NLHE preliminary event at the World Poker Finals, the 23 remaining players in the tournament somehow managed to work out a deal that gave them each $10,000 to $12,000 prize money.

The total prize pool for the 956-player event was $324,000, and on the 2+2 forum it says that when the deal was struck, the chip leader had more than 2,000k in chips (40bb+) while the shortest stack had just 160k (3.2bb). Despite this it was agreed that the money should be split almost even:

1st place $12,011
2nd to 4th place $12,000
5th to 23rd place $10,091

John Agelakis was the happy winner and apart from the 11 dollars extra that was put aside for the winner, he gets the trophy and a commemorative leather jacket. It is worth mentioning that the intended prize money for 23rd place was just $1,700 so we imagine the above-mentioned player with that 3bb stack must have thought it was early Christmas at Foxwoods.

Poker King Blog told the story and they sum it up pretty nicely, saying it's a miracle how 23 players manage to negotiate a chop that satisfies all - and why on earth would the chip leaders agree?

Source: Pokerking Blog.