While the durrrr Challenge match between Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius seems to have died down completely, it looks like Dwan is already setting up to new matches with Brian Townsend and "jungleman12".

Dwan has already talked about the upcoming Challenge match with Brian Townsend in a recent interview with the Bluff Europe magazine (May issue), and yesterday he was seen online chatting with the player "jungleman12":

durrrr: ok gg
jungleman12: gg
durrrr: y dont u take challenge
durrrr: since u never lose to me
jungleman12: i will prob
jungleman12: maybe
jungleman12: isnt bt next or something?
durrrr: i can do 2 at once
durrrr: ship ivey 500k n we will work out details
durrrr: get my aim from someone
jungleman12: ok
durrrr: i wanna crank out at least 2 of em before london if poss
jungleman12: ill talk to you over aim before doing it
durrrr: we could obv play in like 2 weeks
jungleman12: k
durrrr: kk gg
durrrr: gl

So, not one but two durrrr Challenge matches starting in the near future. Should be something to rail!

Source: Highstakesdb.com.