Dan Shak bested the likes of Barry Greenstein, Tony G, chip leader Jonathan Karamalikis, and the biggest obstacle Phil Ivey to take down the title and AUD 1.2 million at the $100,000 Challenge event at the Aussie Millions. Phil Ivey made AUD 600,000 for second place which means he takes over from Daniel Negreanu at the top of the all time money list in tournament poker.

Shak started heads up play with the smaller stack, but played very aggressively and soon took the lead. Shak wisely avoided postflop play against a more skillful opponent but instead played very fast preflop when he believed he was ahead; however, in the decisive hand he needed to get lucky to take the win: Ivey raised preflop, Shak shoved with A7 but got snapcalled with AT. The flop came with a 7 and that was enough for the win.

"I just got the better cards, he's the best player in the world hands down," Shak said after being handed the winner's cheque.

Phil Ivey's total tournament cashes are now $12.8 million while Daniel Negreanu is in second place at $12.4 million.

1. Dan Shak 1.200.000 AUD
2. Phil Ivey 600.000 AUD
3. Billy Jordanou 300.000 AUD
4. Tony Bloom 200.000 AUD
5. Tony G 100.000 AUD

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