It looks like there's gonna be another, undefined break in the current durrrr Challenge match between Tom Dwan and Daniel Cates. The news was not taken well by the railers who are complaining that the whole durrrr Challenge thing has been a big letdown.

The news about the hiatus came via a discussion between Dani "ansky" Stern and Cates on Christmas Eve that was posted on the 2+2 forum. When Stern asked if Dwan and Cates were planning on playing in the near future, Cates replied, "idk… Seems like there will be a big hiatus… Tom is hard to work with."

While we don't know what makes a "big hiatus" for Cates (days or weeks?), the news did not go down well with the railers. One poster says that Dwan should take the Challenge more professionally after it has been promoted so heavily. It's true that it's starting to look bad for Full Tilt Poker when at the same time PokerStars snatched up the action-junkie Isildur1 who is ready to take on anyone at anytime in his much shorter 2,500-hand SuperStar Showdown challenge.

There have been two matches in the durrrr Challenge so far and both have been disappointing. It is now almost two years since the PLO match between Dwan and Patrik Antonius started and there hasn't been a hand played since August, prompting some to speculate that Antonius, who is down by $2.1 million after almost 40k hands, has already bought himself out of the bet. However, Full Tilt Poker have made no such announcement. In the summer, Antonius and Dwan talked about the match in an interview with Bluff Europe magazine and cited continuous scheduling problems as the reason for the slow pace of the match.

In the other match, Cates is up 500k after approximately 14,000 hands, this match being NL Hold'em. According to the rules of the Challenge, if Dwan is losing after 50,000 hands he must pay the challenger an additionaly $1.5 million while the challenger is risking $500,000.

Source: Pokernews Daily.