In a rare update on his blog, Tom "durrrr" Dwan gives some teasers on the upcoming season of Poker After Dark and talks about the durrrr Challenge matches, defending Patrik Antonius after some have apparently claimed that Antonius has been deliberately stalling his match with durrrr.

According to durrrr, he has already shot two Poker After Dark tournaments and will shoot two more sessions in cash games, saying that one of them "should be extra sweet". durrrr also mentions that the lineups for PAD are different this year. "While they might be more fun to watch, they definitely arent quite as juicy to play in," durrrr says, so hopefully there are some tough games coming to the tube.

Going to the durrrr Challenge matches, the match with Patrik Antonius seems to have died completely and also the match with Daniel "jungleman12" Cates has been on a freeze for some weeks now. Dwan explains he's been traveling a lot in the past weeks but says that there should be some action with jungleman12 soon.

Not a hand has been played in the durrrr vs Antonius match for months, and presumably there has been claims that Antonius is stalling in purpose after falling significantly behind, since Dwan feels the need to defend him: "I want to clear up the thought that he’s stalling or doesn’t want to pay if he loses or something like that. Patrik and i talk a lot and he’s definitely done nothing wrong by me in the slightest. I don’t know if we’ll be finishing soon but hopefully we will, and sorry to the people watching that challenge that its gone on for so long."

Read the whole entry, where durrrr also talks about his trips to London, Morocco, Italy and other places, and finishes by saying, "My next blog i’ll have a poll about how many tequila shots i should owe for a prop bet i lost on not writing enough blogs- no time now though, and i wanna write it out careful or i’ll be shitfaced."