The huge cash game in Macau with pros Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, and Chau Giang, and a group of Chinese businessmen is still going strong. According to the latest info, Dwan is the biggest winner at the game with 1.7 million USD.

APT tournament director Matt Savage has kept the poker world up to date with updates on the 2+2 forum.

"The latest hearsay is the Durr is now 1.7 million USD winner and that Ivey has gotten back to even. I think if they continue to win they WILL NOT be invited back IMO," Savage writes. He has mentioned that foreign players or "gweilos" are not usually welcome to the game as the rich Chinese businessmen prefer to gamble amongst themselves.

The game started at the Hard Rock but has now moved to the Starworld casino.

There is also an interesting eye witness report of a hand played between Ivey and Dwan. The guys are not nitting it up in Macau:

(Blinds 5k/10k HKD)
Ivey straddles to 20k
Dwan double straddles to 40k
MP calls 40k
Ivey completes the 40k
Dwan makes a raise to 180k total
MP folds
Ivey re-raises to 1 million almost all-in
Dwan instant goes all-in
Ivey snap calls
Pot is approx 3M HKD
Hands: Ivey ATo, Dwan 77
Board runs out, no Ace no Ten. Dwan ships the 3Million Pot.
(3 million HK$ = approximately 390,000 USD).