Gary Trask from Casino City Times talked to two professional dealers, Jena Phillips and Shaun Harris; both have been chosen to deal at the WSOP Main Event. Phillips and Harris talked about the common poker table etiquette mistakes that are often performed by players.

I thought it was very interesting to distribute the information as I know how annoying it can be when you are sitting at a table and your opponents are just being rude. In order not to be the rude player sitting at the table, take a look at this 10 things you should not do while sitting at the poker table.

- Splashing the pot.
This can often happen accidentally, however Phillips says that if the same player does it more than a couple of times you can know they are doing it on purpose. "Look, we realize that the chips are round," she says. "They can roll or take a funny bounce and it happens sometimes. But you can tell when a player is doing it on purpose and it's just a very rude thing to do."

- Eating at the table.
Most poker players know what it is like to be sitting at a poker table for several hours and that sometimes you get hungry. Harris recommends that if you decide to eat at the table you should choose wisely and always have a napkin.

"It's probably not a good idea to eat fries or anything else that's greasy," he says. "First off, it gets on the cards and chips and that gets everyone pissed off. Then you gotta remember that the chips and cards aren't very clean to begin with. So it's probably not a good idea to eat finger foods because of all the germs. If you have to eat, try and eat something that you down with a fork."

- Making string bets.
Sometimes it can be OK to go back to your chip pile more than once, especially if you verbally announce your bet before making a move. Phillips says that most of the time it is probably a better idea to push your chips onto the table all ot once."Every dealer should be able to recognize a string bet," Phillips says. "Not only is it unethical, but it's against the rules and it can cost you."

- Grabbing the chips after winning a pot.
How normal it may seem that this is the logical thing to do, this is a huge DON'T at casinos. This mistake is often done by players used to online poker and/or home games instead of casinos.

"They don't know any better," Harris says. "But usually the first time they do it and they're told not to do it again, they listen. It's understandable, but it's something you shouldn't do."

- Showing your cards.
The Tournament Director Association rules strictly say that you can't show your cards when the action is still live at the table. Phillips says that it is also not a good idea to show your hole cards when the action is dead. "I'm a poker player as well as a dealer and I just don't see any advantage to showing anyone what you were holding unless you have to," she adds.

- Excessive table talk.
"A lot of players watch poker on TV and try to be like their favorite pro players," Philips says. "But in reality too much talk is not a good thing. Sometimes players just can't help themselves from talking about the board while other players are still in the hand and that's against the rules. You can't say anything that could influence the action, but it happens all of the time and it's something that as a dealer I really try to contain."

- Being rude to other players
The dealers believe that this goes back to watching the pros on TV shows, such as Phil Hellmuth and Mike Matusow.

"There's just no need to berate or needle another player; that's just common courtesy," Phillips says. "I realize that everyone is there to make money and things can get emotional. But if you can't contain yourself, get up and walk away. Take your loss like a man. You have to be careful because this is another thing that can cost you because if you get out of hand you will be penalized."

- Cell phone use.
You should not use your cell phone at the table mainly because people cas use it as an advantage, for example some players at the same table text each other or someone on the rail about a hand and Phillips says that is obviously againtst the rules.

Another reason why you should not use your cell phone is that it can distract you."It's frustrating for the dealer and the oher players when someone is more concerned with their phone call than they are with the game," Harris says. "It slows the game down and then I start getting complaints from the other players and I have to step in and be the bad guy."

- Not knowing when to act or acting out of turn.

Whatever the reason is for you being distracted does not matter, as you should focus on the game all the time. If you lose concentration you will slow the game down and even influence action."People get distracted by everything from the iPod to their cell phone to their friends on the rail," says Phillips. "I even have people reading books from time to time and they just aren't paying attention and that's just plain rude. And if you act out turn it can change the action on the table and that's when things really can get the other players livid."

- Folding instead of checking.
Many players do this everyday at the table, they fold when they have the option to check and maybe see some free cards. Phillips says that it is not only a bad strategic move because you miss out some free cards, but it can also influence action for other players.

"If you have the option to call instead of folding, make the call and I don't care how bad you have to use the rest room or how bad your cards are," she says. "It really makes a huge difference on the game. If I'm sitting there getting ready to bet and the person with the big stack folds before he has to, I might increase my bet size just knowing that person is out of the hand."

"This is especially true when you've got three players and then somebody folds out of turn. Now it's heads-up instead of three-way and it's a whole new ballgame."

Source: Casino City Times