One of the Chilean miners trapped 700 metres underground is the former national team footballer Franklin Lobos, 53, whose daughter Caroline, 25, has revealed to Daily Mirror what keeps his father sane during the long wait for rescue.

"It will be difficult, I'm sure, but I'm not worried about him," Caroline said. "I know he is happy and content down there because he is playing lots of poker and cards. It is good for his mind."

Lobos, nicknamed "Mortero Magico" (The Magic Mortar), played for the Chilean national team in the 1980's. After his footballing career was over, he had to find work as a miner and apparently some very good hobbies, too!

It is feared that the rescue operation for the 33 men trapped in the mine will take months. One of the first things they asked for was decks of cards to pass the time.

(In the picture: Lobos in front row 4th from left.)

Source: Daily Mirror.