Superstition is a common trait among gamblers, and Asian players are possibly the most superstitious of all. One fine example of this is the Chinese "Mr. C" who refuses to accept a £4,444 slot win on an online casino fearing that the ominous sum would bring disaster to him and his family.

In Chinese culture numbers are considered lucky or unlucky depending on how their pronunciation is similar to other words. "Three" sounds the same as "birth" so it's lucky, whereas "four" sounds like "death" and is abhorred.

This is why "Mr. C" was all but pleased when he realised that his win on an online slot game was exactly £4,444. He contacted the customer services on the site to explain his unusual problem. Now the casino is trying to figure out how to pay the customer his winnings without casting a curse on him. A casino representative admits the situation is quite unique.

There are a number of other superstitions in Chinese culture regarding gambling. For instance, men should avoid having sex if they are planning a visit to a gambling establishment. Likewise seeing monks or nuns on the way to the casino will bring bad luck, as will counting your money during a session or touching another player on the shoulder. On the other hand, if you want to make sure you'll win, switch on all the lights in your house before leaving for the casino, and remember to wear red underwear. Also, women are believed to be especially lucky during their period.

Source: Online Poker.