Tony G is hard at work again, promoting his sponsor site PartyPoker and trying to lure Isildur1 "out of hiding". This time Tony wants Isildur1 to join a tv cash game - even masked, if that's what it takes.

The PartyPoker Big Game IV will shoot in London April 11 through 13 and Tony G wants to see Isildur1 there. "I want to experience the chance to see your brilliant online game in the live environment," Tony G says and promises to stake the online sensation to the game and pay all his expenses. Not only that, but Isildur1 can also play anonymously if he likes.

"We will protect your anonymity at all costs if this is what you would prefer. Perhaps you can wear my Kermit the Frog outfit from the Premier League?" Tony says, but adds, "Let me make one thing clear though. If I stake you I still want to crush you and make you bleed from the mask…and I will!"

Source: PartyPoker.