If you play poker you are probably used to hearing, and experiencing, the so-called bad beats. Those are tragic moments that make you feel like your pure soul has been crushed. Out of all the stories, pokernews compiled a top 10 of bad beats and I think the stories they picked are worth telling, so check out the following nerve-chilling stories.

10. Aaron Kanter vs. Greg Raymer, 2005 WSOP Main Event

When there were only 25 players left Greg Raymer had his eyes set on that bracelet. He though he was coming one step closer when he was delt Kh Kd and made a regular opening bet. Aaron Kanter called Qh Jh. The flop fell 6 5 3 rainbow and Raymer bet half the pot, Kanter called. The turn was a 7h giving Kanter a flush draw, Raymer bet 330,000 and Raymer moved all in for his remaining 700,000. Kanter called and caught the 2h on the river. If Raymer had won that hand he would have taken the chip lead, instead, he was eliminated in 25th place a few hands later. Ouch.

9. John D'Agostino vs. Hoyt Corkins, 2004 U.S. Poker Championships

Both players had even stacks, Corkins had 616,000 and D'Agostino 615,000. Only 6 players remained in the $10,000 Main Ecent of the US Poker Championships. Action was folded around to Corkins in the small blind and he moved all-in holding 7h 8d. D'Agostino had been dealt pocket tens and immediately made the call. However, the flop was disastrous for D'Agostino Jh 7s 7c giving Corkins trips. The turn was even more surprising, the 7d and D'Agostino knew he was out. When counting the players' chips D'Agostino was left with a single 1,000 denomination chip. He left out his frustration by shoving his chips toward Corkins, knocking most of the stacks down in the process.

8. Al Ardebili vs. Ricardo Festejo , 2005 WPT Borgata Open

At the 2005 WPT Borgata Open Festejo limped in with A 2 and Ardebili checked with 2d 3d. The flop came Ks 7d 2s giving both players bottom pair. Ardebili checked and Festejo fired a one million bet and Ardebili moved all-in, after thinking for a long time Festejo made the call for almost 90% of his stack. The turn gave Ardebili a new hope for a WPT title as it was the 3s and Festejo did not his any of his out on the river. Ardebili took more than a 9:1 chip lead on Festejo and then he went on to win the tournament four hands later. 

7. Cory Zeidman vs. Jennifer Harman, 2005 WSOP Main Event

Jennifer Harman did not see the bad beat coming when she was dealt Qd Qc in the first level of the 2005 WSOP Main Event. Cory Zeidman called with 8d 9d and Brady Davis came from the BB with As 6d. The flop fell Ts Jd Qh giving Harman a top set and a queen-high straight for Zeidman. Harman bet 500, Zediman raised to 2,000 and David folded, Harman just flat called. The turn was a Td giving Harman a full house. She checked, Zeidman fired 1,000, she raised to 3,000 and he made the call. On the river Zeidman only had one out, the 7d and indeed he hit it for a jack-high straight flush. Harman still bet 3,000 to put Zeidman all-in and he called saying  'I guess I can do a lot of sightseeing if I lose this hand and then slowly rolled his straight flush. Jennifer Harman looked shocked and took a tilt-walk away from the table after this. She was eliminated only a short time later.

6. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson vs. T.J. Cloutier, 2000 WSOP Main Event

When TJ Cloutier put all his chips in holding Ad Qc against Chris Ferguson's As 9c. The flop fell Kc 4h 2h extending Cloutier's lead, as did the Kh on the turn. However, Cloutier could not avoid the 9h on the river and finished as a runner-up to the new-born star of that year, Chris Ferguson.

Stay with us for the remainig 5 Bad Beat Stories which will be available next week. (UPDATE: read the other 5 bad beats of poker here.)

Source: PokerListings