Last week we gave you 5 of the top 10 bad beats of poker, so here are the remaining ones, five even sicker stories. Help yourselves. Read the other five bad beat stories here.

5. Danny Nguyen vs. Shandor Szentkuti, 2005 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Stars

A bad beat story that was heard everywhere in the poker world was when Danny Nguyen put all his chips in holding Ad 7d and got called by Shandor Szentkuti with As Kc. The flop fell Kh 5h 5s giving Szentkuti two pairs and a 99.5% chance of winning, Nguyen thought everything was lost as his only out would be running sevens. Then the turn was the 7s and the river sealed it with a 7c. Nguyen went on to win the whole tournament after that.

4. Alan Goehring vs. J.C. Tran, 2006 WPT L.A. Poker Classic

At the 2006 WPT LA Poker Classic, JC Tran made a pre-flop raise with pocket aces and Alan Goehring met it with an all-in. Tran called and seemed excited when Goehring showed pocket fives. The flop gave him more confidence as it ran 8s 7s 2s  giving him top pair and a flush draw. The turn was a deuce that left Goehring waiting for a 5 and boom, the 5c came on the river giving him a full house. Goehring made a little dance right after and Tran walked away in complete daze. Tran finished 5th and Goehring won the tournament.

3. Chris Moneymaker vs. Phil Ivey, 2003 WSOP Main Event

Poker history literally met its turning point with this river card. At the final table of the 2003 WSOP Main Event Chris Moneymaker was dealt Ad Qc and made a pre-flop raise that Phil Ivey called with 9s 9h. The flop was Qh Qs 6s and Moneymaker fired 70,000, Ivey called. The turn was the 9c giving Ivey a full house, Moneymaker bet 200,000 and Ivey moved all in, Moneymaker called. Ivey was excited but the A on the river eliminated Ivey on the 10th place. Chris Moneymaker, then an amateur poker player, went on to take the tournament down and initiate the poker boom.

2. Hal Fowler vs. Bobby Hoff, 1979 WSOP Main Event

Thirty years ago, amateur poker player, Hal Fowler reached the final table of the WSOP Main Event. He managed to survive a field that included Johnny Moss and Bobby Baldwin and ended up in heads-up play against Bobby Hoff. After 5 hours of play Hof was dealt Ac Ah and raised from the button, Fowler called with 7s 6d from the BB. The flop came down Js 5h 3c and Hoff bet 40,000, Fowler called with his gutshot straight draw. The turn was a miraculuous 4s, Hoff moved all-in and Fowler called, they decided to wait until the Td came in the river to show their cards, Hoff showed his aces just to realise that bracelet had slipped through his hands. 

1. Doyle Brunson vs. Jesse Alto, 1976 WSOP Main Event

You may have heard about the hand that is on top of the top 10 bad beats of poker (for PokerListings it was #2 but I like it better than that). It was between Brunson and Jesse Alto bak in 1976 at the WSOP Main Event. During heads-up play Jesse Alto raised with As Jd from the button, Brunson, who had a significant chip lead, called with 10s 2s. The flop came A J 10 giving Alto top two pair and Brunson bottom pair. Brunson checked and Alto bet, Brunson moved all-in hoping to make Alto fold but he called. Brunson only then saw what a mess he had got himself into, not knowing a WSOP bracelet was on the way. The turn was a deuce giving Brunson two lower pairs but the river, that legendary card, was another ten which gave Doyle Brunson his second bracelet. Now the ten-deuce hand is known in the poker world as 'the Brunson'.

Source: PokerListings