This is a list of the top 10 poker networks in terms of real cash players as of Mid-March: 

1. PokerStars. PokerStars is clearly the largest online poker network, it is more than double the size of its nearest competitor, Full Tilt Poker. The daily weekkly average number of real time poker players was 23,400. Its peak hour was 35,000.

2. Full Tilt Poker. Even though this site was half the size of PokerStars, it is about 50% larger than its nearest competitor iPoker. Its weekly average was approximately 11,000 and it peaked at 15,000.

3. iPoker. The iPoker network was very close to PartyPoker in terms of real cash players, iPoker had 6,100 compared to PartyPoker's 5,700. iPoker peaked at 10,478 for the period compared to PartyPoker's 9,587.

4. PartyPoker. The fourth largest online poker room could become the 3rd largest if it continues to grow at the same pace and overcome iPoker in the following month.

5. OnGame. OnGame was quite distant from PartyPoker, it had an average of 3,500 real cash players.

6. Everest. Everest was 400 players away from catching up with OnGame. On the other hand, CEREUS was within 200 players of catching up to Everest.

7. CEREUS. Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker network was alarmingly close to Everest. Its average was of 2,400 real cash players and it peaked at 4,232.

8. Boss Media (IPN). Boss Media was behind CEREUS with around 500 less real cash players and 800 less peak. The Cake network was within 200 real cash players of catching up with Boss.

9. Cake Poker. Cake averaged 1,740 real cash players and peaked at 3,510.

10. Entraction. Entraction had around 300 less real cash players than Cake and both networks peaked at the same number.

It seems that PokerStars holds a strong lead as well as Full Tilt Poker but on the lower positions competition is getting tough.

Source: Gambling911