Recently, I checked out Jenny Woo's Top 10 Sexiest Poker Players on Gambling 911. I have to say that I disagree with all of her choices, not that they are not sexy, just not the sexiest. After taking a closer look to the poker players large list I decided to come up with my own Top 10 Sexiest Poker Players here at Coinflip.

My own definition of sexy is a mix of looks, attitude and smartness that altogether produce a smoking sexy human. I selected some poker players known for their looks and had my friends rank them, today I will present to you the poker players, whom I think deserve to be on positions #10 to #6 of the list.


Patrik Antonius

#10 Patrik Antonius: This poker player from Finland has made quite an impression on the ladies. It starts with his looks, considering his past as a model, and then the intense look at the tables, the quiet persona and the perfect sense of fashion. All those things added end up in this very sexy player. I know you will probably wonder why this player did not make it further up in the list but personally, I do not fancy him, though I do get why he can be found extremely sexy. When my friends ranked all the players Antonius was #1 but after all, this is my list :D.



Evelyn Ng

#9 Evelyn Ng: This Asian descendent Canadian poker player has to be one of the sexiest girls in poker. She is tough and sweet, super sexy body and by looking at her we all wonder (myself included) what is it that makes her so attractive. She is one of those undescriptable exotic beauties and that is why she comes #9 on my list.





David Williams

#8: David Williams: Dave Williams... what can I say? I mean, who would not like this bad boy of poker? He has the perfect tan, the bad boy beard, the 'I don't give a $h!t' attitude, perhaps he might not be the most famous poker player but he is definitely sexy. I say Dave Williams for #8 based on his bad boy looks and attitude.






Brandi Rose

#7 Brandi Rose: Brandi, Brandi, Brandi... yes we all remember Brandi, especially when that <-- picture came up. Perhaps Brandi Rose was not the most mature and professional poker player in the circuit but it was that foregone innocence and sweet look that drove us all crazy about her. I actually think Brandi Rose comes first on my list of female crushes, when I first saw her she was good enough for me to google her for a whole day and wanting to know more and more about her. Perhaps I am just a freak, or maybe Brandi Rose was so captivating that we cannot remember the moment we began thinking she was sexy, but damn she was. It was the rebellious attitude, the innocent looks and that finale none of us understood what puts Brandi on #7 of my list.



Ivan, how come you are so sexy!?!?

#6 Ivan Demidov: Ivan Demidov actually reminds me of every girl's high school sweetheart. The sexiness in him comes from his soft-spoken persona, quiet playing style, shy on interviews but very intense at the tables. Actually, Ivan Demidov makes me wonder about this side of him that can only be seen at the tables and not the interviews. He holds this mystery that any girl loves and added to it is this sweet guy who appears not very talkative at the interviews. Apart from that, Demidov appears to not be interested on looking good but he somehow manages to do so at the tables wearing a hat, going very Russian looking, perhaps I would avoid him a little bit when the long hair and beard pop up after a long tournament, but overall Demidov is mysteriously sexy. And c'mon! He is the guy who final-tabled both the WSOP and WSOPE in the same year, that is sexy enough to make him #6!



So far, these are the players who have made the top 10 sexiest poker players of 2009. The next five could bring some surprises as I have quite a peculiar taste and then I have the biggest crush (and of course I think he's the sexiest) on a player who you might not even think about when you hear 'sexy!'. The rest of the list will be coming up this week.


Take a look at positions 5 to 3 here.