And now to continue with my top 10 sexiest poker players I will add three more hot items to my list.

Phil Ivey

#5 Phil Ivey: I find Phil Ivey very sexy first of all because he is one of the best online poker players (according to Patrik Antonius, Ivey is the best online poker player), then he is very sexy when he wears those sporty outfits with the shaved head and last he is very rich and has the sweetest smile I've ever seen. Besides, according to Coinflip's co-writer, "He is the quiet and mysterious type, don't all girls go crazy about that?" We do indeed. Ivey is a mix of smart and cute, plus he has some great poker skills so that makes him incredibly sexy and #5 in my list.



#4 Liv Boeree: This British beauty speaks for herself on why she is #4 of my list. Great hair, cute face, good body, and c'mon every girl who plays poker becomes somehow sexy just for that reason. Her past as a model tells us all about her looks and then she majored in physics and astrophysics, this girl is smart and hot.



Phil Laak#3: Phil Laak: I know many of you will disagree on this one, but I just adore Phil Laak. I think he is sexy when he sits at the tables wearing the glasses and hoody and then you can at times see part of his face and part of his hair and you always look forward to the next moment when you will see another piece of him (no kinky thoughts, I meant the rest of his face and hair). I mean, look at that <-- picture of him, don't you just want to hug him and tell him everything will be ok? (Maybe it is just me:S) And maybe it is just me (again!), but I have a thing for his douchebag attitude and arrogance. I fancy Phil Laak, but perhaps I would not date him, I will let Jennifer Tilly do that.



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