Sparks are flying between Entraction Network and, a former skin on the network. Since Wednesday, Potraiser players have no longer been able to login to the games on the Entraction network, and both parties are accusing each other of breaches of rules or contract.

On Wednesday, Entraction announced that is no longer part of the network and cited "repeated breaches of rules" as the reason for terminating the skin. While it was not stated what these breaches of rules were, according to Gaming Intelligence the problem was the rakeback offered by which was in violation of Entraction policy. answered the allegations in a press release, stating that they had terminated their agreement with Entraction as early as July 21st and are planning to join another network on October 28th.

"Entraction reacted badly to the news and did commit a severe and intentional breach of contract when they went ahead and banned our players from playing on their software. Naturally we will have our solicitors contacting Entraction to see if this matter has to be resolved in court," states the press release.

The name of the new network is not mentioned but it is described as "one of the biggest poker networks in the world".

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