Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and Tom "durrrr" Dwan were seen chatting last night on Full Tilt Poker. Ilari had some interesting news to tell Dwan; apparently he's made a bet on durrrr to beat jungleman12 in the durrrr Challenge match, and what's more, thanks to a lucky flip he got even money for his investment.

Here's the relevant part of the chat:

Ziigmund: i bet for you against jungleman
Ziigmund: even money
durrrr: even?
durrrr: sick
Ziigmund: yup
Ziigmund: but we flipped who gets you and who gets jungle
durrrr: o lol
Ziigmund: hehe

So, Ilari and some other player made a 1:1 bet on the durrrr vs jungleman12 match but flipped a coin to see who has durrrr and who has jungleman12! We don't know the amount of the bet but with even money Ilari has to be very pleased with the result of this COINFLIP.