Henrik 'normandi' Andersson, a 20-year-old poker player from Stockholm, Sweden and the winner of PowerPoker's Ziigmund Heads-Up Challenge rake race, had a chance to play heads up against the mighty Ziigmund.

During the weekend, Henrik flew to Helsinki for a whole stay (hotel, flights, parties, etc). He had also been arranged tickets to to the heavy weight World Championship boxing match between Chagaev and Valuev on Saturday night so on Friday he went to the boxing match party. Ziigmund turned up for the party as well, and naturally he insisted that Henrik take some "Fisus" (Fisherman's Friend vodka shots) with him. As it turned out, the main fight at the Helsinki Arena was cancelled that same night - but the party was good anyway!

Then at 5pm on Saturday Henrik was scheduled to play the 5k heads up against Ziigmund at the Tiger night club in Helsinki. Before coming over to Finland, Henrik had watched Ilari play and says he is a great player and really hard to beat. Henrik lost to Ilari quite quickly. "I ended up losing after just about 15 minutes of play or something like that in a quite sick setup," he says.

The hand was indeed quite unfortunate for the challenger. Henrik opened for 175 chips in the button with Ks Qs, Ilari 3-bet to 675 with As Qh, Henrik called. Flop Kh Jd 5c, Ilari bet 700 and Henrik just called with his top pair. Turn Tc which made Ilari nut straight, he bet 1,700 and again Henrik called. Turn was the worst possible card, 9h and Henrik was doomed to go broke with a smaller straight. Ilari bet 7,000, Henrik pushed his last chips in and that was that. "I was more nervous than when I won 700k from durrrr," Ilari joked. "That ten was a good card for me," he said. "Otherwise I would have bluffed and gone broke. And that 9 on the river sealed it. One time!"

"Of course I was a bit disappointed that I lost but the day was still early and big plans were on for the night, first the boxing night which included a huge buffet and free drinks and then off to The Tiger to party through the night," Henrik wrote.

Henrik and Ziigmund are featured on some videos talking about the poker match and what they think of each other. When asked about Ziigmund, Henrik says, "He seems really cool, he's such a cool player, just a really nice guy," to which Ziigmund replies, as humble as ever, "Yeah, I'm a really nice guy."

So after all the poker and the partying Henrik went happily back to Stockholm the next morning. "To summarize the whole weekend I would just say that it's been a really cool experience and of course I have PowerPoker, Ilari and all my other Finnish friends to thank for that!"

Read Henrik's story about his trip to Finland, watch some videos (including the HU match) and take a look at the photo gallery on PowerPoker.com here.

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